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University of Minnesota Board of Regents launches new website

Site provides improved search function and access to dockets, policies, etc.

March 20, 2013

The University of Minnesota Board of Regents has launched a new website at to provide better access to board-related information and multimedia.

The site uses web design techniques that allow visitors to easily interact with content from their phone, tablet or laptop. It was re-developed in-house and includes other new features such as:

  • Clearer and easier navigation
  • Improved search function that more clearly organizes and identifies search results
  • YouTube access to video of full board meetings, as well as a link to watch meetings live
  • A news feed linking to information about the board and its work
  • Better access to meeting schedules, docket materials, policies (with links to the U’s related administrative policies), bylaws and background about the board, individual regents and the board office
  • Online forms by which members of the public may request a regent’s appearance at events or contact the board office for information

The 12-member Board of Regents is the governing body of the university and was established by the Minnesota Territorial Legislature prior to statehood. The Legislature elects one regent from each of Minnesota’s eight congressional districts and four from the state at large. One of the four at-large regents must be a U student at the time of election. Regents serve without compensation for six-year terms and meet eight times each year.

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