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U of M Heller-Hurwicz Economics Institute to hold first annual policy forum Nov. 16-17

Keynote address will feature Peter Arthur Diamond, a Nobel laureate and pioneer in the economics of social insurance

October 28, 2011

The University of Minnesota Heller-Hurwicz Economics Institute (HHEI) will hold its first annual policy forum Nov. 16-17 at Coffman Union, 300 Washington Ave. S.E., Minneapolis.

The forum will focus on tax and economic policy and will feature a dinner and keynote address 7 p.m. Nov. 16 by Nobel laureate and pioneer in the economics of social insurance Peter Arthur Diamond. University President Eric Kaler will provide welcome remarks and introduce Diamond.

The event will include three panel discussions on tax policy, health care and pensions as well as presentations on the latest economic research by academics.

“The forum is designed to address key policy issues on a global scale, advancing emerging theories, pushing the boundaries of economic theory and opening new possibilities in the face of pressing problems,” says V.V. Chari, U of M economics professor and HHEI founding director.

The forum is open to the public; however, pre-registration is required.

Visit for the full agenda and to register by Nov. 8.

About the keynote speaker

Diamond is an economist known for his analysis of U.S. Social Security policy and his work as an advisor to the Advisory Council on Social Security in the late 1980s and 1990s. He was one of the three winners of the 2010 Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel. Diamond is an Institute Professor Emeritus at MIT, where he taught from 1966 to 2011. He has written on public finance, social insurance, behavioral economics, uncertainty and search theories, and macroeconomics. Diamond has made fundamental contributions to a variety of areas, including government debt and capital accumulation, capital markets and risk sharing, optimal taxation, search and matching in labor markets, and social insurance. He has served as president of the American Economic Association, the Econometric Society and the National Academy of Social Insurance.

About the U of M Department of Economics and HHEI

Launched in late 2010, HHEI is a global initiative in the U of M College of Liberal Arts’ Department of Economics, created to inform and influence public policy by supporting and promoting frontier economic research and by communicating its findings to leading academics, policymakers and business executives around the world.

The institute is named after Walter Heller and Leo Hurwicz, world-leading economics scholars who were faculty members at the University of Minnesota from the early 1950s through the 1980s.

For more information about HHEI, Heller and Hurwicz, visit

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