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Statement from the University of Minnesota regarding effects of the federal government shutdown

October 1, 2013

University of Minnesota leaders are concerned about the federal government shutdown and the interruption it may cause if it continues for a significant length of time. While the effects of a long-term shutdown are difficult to quantify at this time, we expect minimal short-term impacts.

Specifically, students receiving Federal Pell Grants or Federal Direct Loans should not be affected. Federally-funded research grants that already have been awarded will not be disrupted and the University will continue to submit required research reports and updates to the federal government. The University receives about $53 million each month from the federal government to support research grants. New grant awards are expected to be delayed during the shutdown. However the University will work with researchers to bridge short term gaps in funding. Programs funded through sources other than federal appropriations, such as health care and general University operations, will proceed normally.

We have been working with appropriate federal agencies and our researchers to prepare for this scenario, and have taken every action available to mitigate impacts caused by a shutdown. We will continue to closely monitor the situation and will comply with the regulations and guidelines set forth by federal agencies during this period.

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