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Brooks Jackson takes the lead of University of Minnesota health sciences.

Driven to lead

The University of Minnesota’s new Medical School dean and vice president for health sciences, Brooks Jackson, takes the lead.

March 4, 2014

For the last eight years, Allen Valentine has worked alongside Brooks Jackson at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. The two have been through much together, instituting new initiatives, managing budgets, and advocating for students and faculty. But among the most memorable moments, says Valentine, was early on—when Baltimore was smacked by a snowstorm.

“Minnesotans are used to snow, but people in Maryland are not,” Valentine says. So when the blizzard hit, Jackson, Valentine, and others were pressed into service at the university’s medical center—then trapped there overnight. Valentine rose the next morning, expecting to find that everyone was tired and grumpy, frustrated by the lack of rest. Instead, he encountered Jackson in the hallway, wearing running shoes and freshly back from a multimile jog. “Don’t they plow around here?” Jackson said. Says Valentine: “Talk about being driven.”

More than 100 people expressed interest in heading the University of Minnesota Medical School and health sciences. Brooks Jackson was chosen because he has proven himself as someone who can implement the strategic vision that faculty have crafted—and who can grapple with the funding challenges that every healthcare institution faces today.

Jackson began as the U of M’s new Medical School dean and vice president for health sciences on Feb. 17.

Learn more about Jackson in the news release announcing his appointment.

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