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Internationally renowned performance artist Eiko, of Eiko

“Delicious Movement for Forgetting, Remembering, and Uncovering” explores Eiko & Koma’s living installation, “Naked”

October 4, 2010

This fall, a group of University of Minnesota students are having the unique opportunity to learn first-hand from a world-famous performance artist.

“Delicious Movement for Forgetting, Remembering, and Uncovering” is an experiential and experimental course taught by Eiko of Eiko & Koma, critically acclaimed dancers, choreographers and interdisciplinary artists. The course focuses on Eiko & Koma's living installation, “Naked,” commissioned and presented by the Walker Art Center, as well as Eiko & Koma's “Retrospective Project."

Offered by the university's Institute for Advanced Study, the course combines studio learning, viewing (at the Walker Art Center), seminars, reading and writing, while students have the rare opportunity to learn from Eiko herself and the people who are directly involved in the project about the essence of Eiko & Koma’s art-making.

"We are excited to be offering this class, which provides our students the unique opportunity to extend their exploration of the variety of ways in which artistic production is a way of knowing ourselves and the world around us," said Ann Waltner, the institute's director.

Designed to help students develop a deeper and more personal understanding of these artists' work, this course also offers the opportunity to formulate individual and collective reflections on the theme of nakedness as well as artist methodology, art and context and the way in which these particular artists build and sustain long-term community relationships.

"Eiko Otake is one of the leading choreographers of her generation, melding multiple aesthetics and cultural perspectives," said Carl Flink, chair of the U of M College of Liberal Arts' Theatre Arts and Dance Department. "The opportunity to work directly with this gracious artist will almost certainly be a transformative experience."

The course reading and viewing lists include postwar Japanese literature and visual and performance art works that nurtured Eiko & Koma's aesthetic.

Since 1972, Eiko & Koma have worked as co-artistic directors, choreographers and performers, creating a unique theater of movement out of stillness, shape, light, sound and time. For most of their multi-disciplinary works, Eiko & Koma also create their own sets and costumes, and they are usually the sole performers in their work.

Eiko & Koma are permanent residents of the United States and reside in New York City. They have presented their works in theaters, universities, museums, galleries and festivals worldwide, including numerous appearances in American Dance Festival, five seasons at BAM’s Next Wave Festival, and a month-long “living” gallery installation in the Whitney Museum of American Art. They are recipients of a 1996 MacArthur Fellows Program “genius grant,” two major life achievement awards in dance and the first United States Artists award.

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