University of Minnesota
Pragya Verma and Joshua Borycz at a blackboard.

Chemists turn key to new energy future

U chemists explain new reaction, demonstrating how quantum mechanics can help design more energy-efficient catalysts.

1 month ago

University of Minnesota solar car finishes second in cross-country race

The University of Minnesota Solar Vehicle Project team finished second overall in the 2014 American Solar Challenge, an eight-day, 1,700-mile race that started in Austin, Texas on July 21 and ended at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis today.

13 hours ago

Black rat with white paws, seen from left side, sits on haunches with paw on face.

Rat regret informs decision research

Rats that passed up a short wait at one feeding station only to encounter a much longer wait at the next showed evidence of regret.

1 month ago

Cross-country solar car race to end at the University of Minnesota on Monday, July 28

A University of Minnesota parking lot will transform into a unique finish line as collegiate solar cars from around the world complete the American Solar Challenge in Minneapolis on Monday, July 28.

4 days ago

University of Minnesota celebrates major milestone in completion of neutrino detector in northern Minnesota

The University of Minnesota reaches a major milestone this week when it celebrates the completion of its role in building a 14,000-ton detector in northern Minnesota that could yield crucial information about the early moments of the universe. More than 700 University of Minnesota undergraduate students in 24 different academic majors built the detector over four years in a 125,000-square-foot warehouse in Minneapolis. The detector is one of the largest plastic structures in the world.

6 days ago

X-ray of human feet

College of Biological Sciences

"Health is a human right," says Anh Tran ('09). She aims to launch her own startup to create diagnostic tools for neglected diseases such as tuberculosis.

4 weeks ago

Twin Cities Campus: