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Department of Food Science and Nutrition

Morrine Omolo is committed to mentoring young girls, especially those interested in science, technology, engineering, and math education (STEM) fields.

1 week ago

When Times Are Tough, Parents Favor Daughters over Sons

In tough economic times, parents financially favor daughters over sons, according to researchers at the Carlson School of Management and Rutgers Business School. Their study, forthcoming in the Journal of Consumer Research, found participants preferred to enroll a daughter rather than a son in beneficial programs, preferred to give a U.S.

1 day ago

Math on chalkboard

The Minnesota Medical Foundation

Mathematicians have emerged as some of medicine’s greatest unsung heroes, shedding light on complex biological processes, all to improve patient health.

1 week ago

U of M Board of Regents approves annual budget

The University of Minnesota’s Board of Regents approved a fiscal year 2016 operating budget during a special meeting today. The $3.7 billion budget invests in access, affordability and academic excellence, among other priorities.

5 days ago

U of M string quartet helps us “hear” climate change

A new composition for string quartet is the latest musical illustration of climate change data by a University of Minnesota geography student whose earlier solo cello performance, “A Song of Our Warming Planet”, went viral in the summer of 2013.

1 month ago

Telltale traits of bacteria offer clues for improved colorectal cancer treatment, prevention

A new University of Minnesota research study at the intersection of math, genetics, microbiology, ecology and medicine has uncovered a telltale link between colorectal cancer and specific traits of bacteria found in the digestive tract. The findings could improve colorectal cancer treatment and prevention.

6 days ago

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